Nature Photography Workshop
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 Nature Photography Workshop

Venue   : RM4.25, SIM HQ & The Botanic Gardens 
Date      : 7 & 14 August 2010 ​

​​image067.jpg image068.jpg
​Alumni volunteers facilitating the registration of the event. ​The speaker, Mr Yeo Wee Han, President of the Nature Photographic Society (Singapore), demonstrating to his audience how to set up the equipment for a good shot.

image069.jpg image070.jpg
​Participants listening intently to the speaker. 

​Students helping themselves to the tea reception.

image071.jpg image072.jpg
​The students joined Wee Han to the Singapore
Botanic Gardens for a hands-on session.

​Members from the NPSS were also on site to provide guidance to the students.

image073.jpg image074.jpg
​One of the students' work - a blooming orchid.

​One of the students' work - a white spider.