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 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Join the Singapore University of Social Science's Entrepreneurship Bootcamp this June and July 2018! This bootcamp is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs (18 years and above) who want to test their ideas and develop a promising business proposal.

During this course, students will form teams, engage in brainstorming sessions, validate their business ideas, design prototypes and, finally, present a pitch in front of a panel of judges. There will be highs and lows, frustrations and moments of triumph. Some people will meet their co-founder, and some teams will even move on to start a company. Win or lose, it is certain that new lessons will be learnt, ideas will be tested, limits will be pushed and lives will be changed forever. 

Good ideas don't automatically translate into good companies. The process of testing, validating and pivoting is critical for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to develop ideas that translate into businesses that add value. Students will gain deeper understanding of the problems they are trying to solve; teams will get to put their ideas and assumptions to the test, and modify them along the way through the feedback they garner. Participants will be able to evaluate if their ideas are worth pursuing and, from there, go on to design their first prototype.

Entrepreneurs have a higher chance of succeeding if they belong to an ecosystem. To build a successful brand, it is critical to learn from those who have successfully built and grown companies, while also gaining from the experience of less successful ventures. Students will benefit from opportunities to connect with experts from different domains by engaging with Singapore's start-up community during study trips to JTC Launchpad @ One North, RaiSE and Innovfest Unbound. This course is a time to meet potential co-founders, learn how to work in a team and gain insights from the ecosystem.

Held mostly on Thursday evenings in June and July 2018, students will be exposed to the following areas:
  • ​Singapore's Start-Up Ecosystem
  • The Lean Start-up Model
  • Business Pitching​

Attendance in these face-to-face sessions is required:
Sessi​on D​a​te​ ​Time Duration in hrs, F2F Lo​ca​tion​ ​S​ession Title
​​1 31 May 2018​ (Thu) ​7.00pm-10.00pm ​3 ​SUSS ​Campus ​Ideation
Optional 5 June 2018 (Tue) 9.00am-6.00pm
Optional ​Innovfest Unbound Visit one of Asia's largest start-up conferences
2 6 June 2018 (Wed) ​6.00pm-9.00pm 3​ ​Innovfest Unbound (TB​C) ​Meet potential investors and entrepreneurs, immerse into the start-up scene
7 June 2018 (Thu) 9.00am-6.00pm Optional
​Innovfest Unbound Visit one of Asia's largest start-up conferences
14 June 2018 (Thu) 7.00pm-10.00pm
​3 SUSS Campus
​Pitch Your Idea and Form a Team. Guest Mentor: Rahil Bhagat​
​​4 ​21 June 2018 (Thu) ​7.00pm-10.00pm 3 ​SUSS Campus ​Identify your customer persona with Pivotal Labs
​5 28 June 2018 (Thu)​ ​7.00pm-10.00pm ​3 ​SUSS Campus Lean Canvas - A One Page Business Proposal​
​6 ​5 July 2018 (Thu) ​7.00pm-10.00pm ​3 ​SUSS Campus ​Design Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
​7 11 July 2018 (Wed) 6.00pm-9.00pm ​3 ​JTC Launchpad @ One North ​Visit Singapore's start-up scene: Meeting with Incubators, startu-ps and raiSE (tbc)
​8 12 July 2018 (Thu) ​7.00pm-10.00pm ​3 ​SUSS Campus Learn how to pitch to investors
18 July 2018 (Wed) ​1.00pm-6.00pm Optional
​SUSS Campus ​Pitch to enter Alibaba Cloud – SUSS Entrepreneurship Certificate/Minor
​Optional ​21 July 2018 (Sat) 9.00am-12.00pm ​Optional ​SUSS Campus ​Pitch to enter Alibaba Cloud – SUSS Entrepreneurship Certificate/Minor
​9 ​1 August 2018 (Wed) ​​7.00pm-​10.00pm ​3 ​SUSS Campus ​Demo Day
​Total Course Duration: 27

  • SUSS Full-time/Part-time students may register for this course as a 5 credit unit course (as a Common Curriculum Elective), or as a General Elective under the School of Business, S R Nathan School of Human Development, School of Science and Technology, School of Arts and Social Sciences or School of Law.
  • Pre-U students (18 years and above) may register for this course as a Continuing Education & Training (CET) Certificate Course, which may later be recognised as a 5 credit unit course upon successful admission to SUSS. 
  • Students enrolled in other universities and/or members of the public may register for this course as a Continuing Education & Training (CET) Certificate Course.

Course Fees (for Singapore citizens after subsidy; different rates may apply for PRs and foreigners):
  • CET students: S$1,300.05 (inclusive of GST) for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents; S$1,560.06 (inclusive of GST) for Other Residents
  • SUSS Full-time/Part-time students, the prevailing course fees apply.​

​Please indicate your interest here, and we will contact you. For enquiries, please email ellengoel@suss.edu.sg.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​