Overseas Study Mission (OSM) (with SkillsFuture Study Award*)


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 Overseas Study Mission (OSM) (with SkillsFuture Study Award*)

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Singapore has no hinterland and needs to actively engage with other countries in Asia if it is to prosper. Various countries in the larger Asia region are showing great potential both as economies and as political players in the global field. It is extremely important for Singaporeans to understand the economic, political, historical and cultural characteristics of these countries if we want to internationalise successfully.

Our Overseas Study Mis​sion has all the rigour you can expect of any Singapore University of Social Sciences​ academic course and the added value of experiential learning on site, led by academic and local experts. Participants will first attend seminars in Singapore to help them gain a better understanding of the country they are visiting. This is followed by a study mission trip.