Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship.
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 Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Ready to take your startup to the next level? Confident to attract funding for your business? It’s time to learn more about Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Programme Highlights

  • Launched in July 2017 semester: 40 cu Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship in partnership with Alibaba Cloud
  • Students need to secure funding for their business to attain the 40 cu Certificate/Minor
  • Programme includes:
    • ​Introduction to cloud computing by Alibaba Cloud
    • Option to read any SUSS CET courses* that startups deem relevant 
    • Unlimited free Alibaba cloud credit* for the duration of this programme
    • Mentorship by Alibaba Cloud, C-level industry experts and advisors
    • No course fee
* Terms and Conditions apply.


Application period to enter the programme​​​ ​1 June to 28 June 2018
​Announcement of shortlisted teams 6 July 2018
​Pitch dates for shortlisted teams ​18 and 21 July 2018 (TBC)
Announcement of teams accepted into the programme ​3 August 2018
​Accepted teams launch celebration​​ ​TBC
​Alibaba Cloud - SUSS course on cloud computing, Big Data and AI TBC
​Pitch to a panel of investors to pass the programme ​April 2018 and October 2018
​Announcement of teams awarded the 40 CU Certificate/Minor                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ​After signed copy of investment/funding/grant agreement  has been provided and teams have pitched successfully

Admission Eligibility Criteria

1. Who can apply:
    Students who have developed a working prototype or are running their own startups, including
  • Current SUSS students fulltime or part-time from any cohort and any programme
  • Current students of other IHLs
  • Current Local Polytechnic students above 18 years of age
  • Members of the public who fulfil CET admission eligibility criteria
  • A group of students who is working for the same startup or business proposal, may select a maximum of 3 students to apply for this programme​
  • In addition, please make sure that at least one team member is either:
    • Current SUSS student (Full-time, Part-time or CET) or
    • Singaporean or PR

2. How to apply:
     Applications are currently closed. Register your interest here to receive updates for the next intake.
  • Non-SUSS and current SUSS part-time/CET students may upload this application form to the online registration here​.
  • Current SUSS part-time students to write to​ with your full name and NRIC number before proceeding with the online registration
  • Current SUSS full-time students may submit this application form​ to and indicate in the subject line: “Application for Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship
  • Teams that have selected more than 1 team member to apply for this programme, need to submit their application individually and may attach the same application form.

3. Assessment criteria for business proposal applications:
  • Uniqueness of business concept
  • Feasibility of business model
  • Strength of management team
  • Potential market value
  • Working prototype (preferred)
  • Social impact (preferred)

Assessment criteria to receive 40 cu Certificate/Minor

  1. Participation in cloud computing course by Alibaba Cloud
  2. Participation in pitch to investors organised by SUSS and Alibaba Cloud
  3. Startups secured funding from anyone of the following:
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Angel Investor
  • Incubator Program
  • Accelerator Program
  • Government grants or incentives​

Alibaba Cloud - SUSS Course Content

Day 1
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing - Understand the core tenets to be considered when designing & deploying to a cloud 
  • Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Offerings

Day 2
  • Big Data - Detailed view of the data processing and machine learning capabilities. This course showcases the ease, flexibility, and power of big data solutions on Alibaba Cloud
  • Security - Detailed view of the security offerings in Alibaba Cloud and how they could benefit the business worldwide
  • Connectivity - Connectivity offerings from Alibaba Cloud and how to leverage the benefits and Go China​


Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Certificate/Minor in Entrepreneurship is supported by the following industry experts and startup advisors:

Brian A Wong (web).jpg
​​Brian A. Wong

Vice President
Alibaba Group                                                     
Brian A Wong (web).jpg
​​Joey Tan

Head of Global Strategic Initiatives
Alibaba Cloud International      
Nicholas Lee Tat Meng (web).jpg
Nicholas Lee Tat Meng

Chief Executive Officer 
EZ-Link Pte Ltd​
michael dOliveiro.jpg
Michael D’Oliveiro ​

Country Manager 
Ong Whee Teck (web).jpg
​Ong Whee Teck

Chief Executive Officer
Trusted Source Pte Ltd​
Shannon (web).jpg
Shannon Kalayamitr 

Founder and Former CMO 
Virginia Yang (web).jpg
Virginia Yang 
Head of Product​
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Ayla Kremb​
Business Development Manager
Catalyst Solutions​
Sunil Rai (web).jpg
Sunil Rai

Partner, Corporate and Venture Technology and Emerging Entities Practice
Dentons Rodyk
James Bitanga (web).jpg
James Bitanga
CLO/Head of Joint Ventures
Benjamin Lee (web).jpg
Benjamin Lee​

One Young World (Singapore)
Debbie Watkins (web).jpg
Debbie Watkins
Managing Director, APMEA
Fern Software

Gerald Ang 

Founder and CEO 

Nellie Wartoft 

Unicorn Factory         

Virginia Tan 
Co-founder and President 
Lean In China​

Rahul Golecha​
Co-Founder & VP of Engineering 
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Jack Sim

BoP Hub, World Toilet Organization​
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Nicholas Lazarus
Director, Advocate & Solicitor
Justicius Law Corporation
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Ruben Potter​ 
Justicius Law Corporation
​​Jack Sim (web).jpg
Rahil Bhagat​ 
Head of Content, APAC
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Michael Headrick​​ 
Product Manager
Pivotal Labs

Steffen Schacher​​
Director Applied Innovation Exchange​
Capgemini Pte Ltd
Jack Sim (web).jpg
Dr Loke Wai Chiong

Credit recognition for students who pass the programme

1. Current SUSS students with Minor:
  • ​May take the En​trepreneurship Certificate/Minor as a 40 cu Minor.
  • The 40 cu will count towards the student’s graduating requirement.
  • There is no grade, thus CGPA is not affected.

2. Current SUSS students without Minor:
  • May take the Entrepreneurship Certificate/Minor as a 40 cu Certificate or in some cases use the 40 cu partially to replace their programme’s electives.
  • Interested students may register their interest here​ to find out which courses may be replaced.
  • There is no grade, thus CGPA is not affected.

3. Non-SUSS students:
  • May apply and receive a 40 cu Entrepreneurship Certificate.
  • Should they be admitted into an SUSS undergraduate degree programme, this may be counted as a Minor.


There is no course fee.
Registration fee to apply for this programme is $64.20 (inclusive of GST) for an e-application (payable online only) per person.
Registration fee is non-refundable.


Non-SUSS and current SUSS part-time/CET students may upload this application form to the online application here​.

​Register your interest here to receive updates for the next intake.​

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