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 SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace

This introductory course will provide participants with knowledge and awareness of current and emerging technologies, and how these impact on the world, organisations and individuals in terms of uses and cyber risks. This knowledge will equip participants with the skills to build a proactive and adaptive mind-set, enabling them to be future-ready, and to anticipate and be prepared for changes in the digital workplace. The pedagogic approach is based on experiential and interactive learning, where participants will apply their knowledge and experience to, and reflect on, real-world changes.


​Course Title​​​​ ​Durat​ion ​Mont​h ​Session dates av​ailable for registration ​Venu​e
​​SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace​
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2 days
January 2019 *3 & 4 January (Thu & Fri)​ ​​Yuhua CC
February 2019 ^14 & 15 February (Thu​ & Fri) SUSS
March 2019​ ^12 & 13 March (Tue & Wed)​ ​SUSS
April 2019​ ^22 & 23 April (Mon & Tue)​ ​SUSS
​May 2019 7 & 8 May (Tue & Wed)​ ​SUSS
​​ June 2019 17 & 18 June (Mon & Tue) ​​SUS​​S
 # Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.
* Workshop is delivered in mixed languages.
^ Workshop is delivered in Mandarin.

Duration: 2 days (9am to 6pm)

Who should attend?

  • All levels of working adults
  • Basic digital skills

For any enquiries, email to​ or call 6248 5783/6248 0263.

Application Procedure

All applications must be made via online ​registration.
Upon completing the online registration, please submit to​ the following:
  1. Coloured copy (back and front) of NRIC for Singaporeans and PRs
  2. Declaration form​
  3. NTUC Union Members Declaration form (NTUC Union Members - SC & SPR only)

For NTUC Union Members, please refer to the NETF@SFDW FAQ here​ for more information and eligibility.

Applications without ALL of the above required supporting documents will be considered incomplete and rejected. Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to change course schedules, course trainer, course fees and course availability without prior notice.​​

Course Fee

​Categor​ies​ ​ Singapore Citizens & PR​ ​ Others ​
Company sponsored and ​​Non-NTUC ​Union member Self-sponsored NTUC Union Members​
​Full Course Fee without GST (A) $800.00​​ ​ ​​$800.00
​SkillsFuture funding without GST (B) $753.27​​ ​ ​NA
​Nett Fee payable after SkillsFuture funding without GST (A - B) $46.73​​ ​ ​NA
​GST payable $3.27​​ ​ ​​$56.00
​Nett Fee payable* with GST (D)​​ ​​ ​$50.00 ​​$856.00
​NETF@SFDW1 subsidy with GST (E)​ ​NA ​$40.00 ​NA
​Course Fee payable^ with GST (D - E) ​NA ​$10.00​ ​NA
Total Course Fee payable (with GST)​ $50.00​ $10.00 $856.00
* Course fee after SkillsFuture funding.
^ Course fee after SkillsFuture funding and NETF@SFDW subsidy. For NTUC Union Members (SC/SPR) only.
For more information on NETF@SFDW subsidy and eligibility, click here. For NTUC Union Members (SC/SPR) only. 

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