Design Elements Art & Photography Exhibition
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4 Mar 2017

 Design Elements Art & Photography Exhibition


Design Elements Exhibition

Date ​: ​​​4 March 2017 (Saturday)
Time ​: ​11.00am - 4.00pm
Venue ​: ​Block A 3.01A @ SIM University 
Application of design principles or elements in art and photography is of paramount importance because it helps to accentuate a piece of work and allows the photographer to create numerous timeless pieces. All remarkable art pieces contain at least one design element. Our art and photography exhibition will be featuring some of the works done by the students from SIM University. The theme of our exhibition is on design elements.​

Design Elements Talks

Date ​: ​​​4 March 2017 (Saturday)
Time ​: ​1.00pm - 3.00pm
Venue ​: LT A.3.16 @ SIM University 
We will also be hosting a photography talk by Mr Steven Yee (Secretary General of Society of Photographers Singapore) on the 4 March at 1pm. Mr Yee is an adjunct lecturer with SIM University and he will be explaining the concept and use of design elements in photography. Examples of applying design elements (such as framing, lines, pattern, perspective, reflection, shadow, shapes and silhouette) to achieve more impressive photographs will be shown.​
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