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 Why Choose UniSIM

  • Learn anytime, anywhere

    You'll be able to attend lectures, participate in group discussions with your lecturer and classmates at your comfort and convenience through online learning.
  • Government subsidy

    Eligible Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents receive up to 55% in financial subsidy from the Singapore government for pursuing your undergraduate programme with us.
  • UniSIM graduates get better pay and great career opportunities

    Despite the challenges in managing work and studies, UniSIM graduates receive significant benefits at work once they achieve their degree...
  • UniSIM believes in continuing education

    As the University for working adults, UniSIM offers over 50 Undergraduate and Graduate programmes in a wide range of fields...
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Are you ready?​

Are you ready to open your mind to more possibilities, give yourself the opportunities that you've always wanted, and quench your thirst for knowledge?

No matter what it is, whether to give yourself a second chance in your career or to provide for a better life for yourself and your loved ones, further education with UniSIM will get you there.

Take control of your future, indulge in your pursue of knowledge by choosing from over 50 Undergraduate and Graduate programmes offered by UniSIM, in a wide range of fields.

If you are an adult Singaporean or permanent resident, you may be eligible to receive the Singapore Government's support for Continuing Education and Training with up to 55% subsidy for when you are enrolled into your chosen undergraduate programme in UniSIM.

Worry about not meeting assignment deadlines or not being able to make it to classes as you may be tied up at work? UniSIM, as the University for working adults, understands your need to balance studies with work, family and social commitments. You may take advantage of UniSIM's flexible and modular programmes, customised to your demanding schedules, as well as independent e-learning technology, which allow you to attend lectures and have group discussions with your lecturers and classmates right in the comfort of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Call +65 6248 9777 or write to student_recruitment@unisim.edu.sg now to enquire about the programme you've always wanted to take up and how you can go about applying for it.

See you at UniSIM!​​​​