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 SUSS-SAF Programmes

Programme Overview

As part of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) continuing education initiative, non-graduate SAF personnel can pursue an undergraduate education at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to upgrade their academic qualification.

SAF personnel can select from the regular undergraduate programmes or customised programmes offered under SUSS-SAF collaboration.  

  • Regular Programmes
    Students who opt to enroll into a regular SUSS programme may apply for any one of the existing undergraduate programmes offered by the four schools in SUSS​.
  • Customised Programmes
    Students who opt for these programmes will major in one of the selected SUSS's disciplines, and minor in the Military Studies. This includes the undergraduate-level-accredited Professional Military Education (UGPME), approved courses offered by the Command and Staff College (CSC) and Security Studies (SEC) courses offered by the SUSS.
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