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 Security Studies Minor


The Security Studies Minor at Singapore University of Social Sciences​ was initially designed only for the Home Team and SPF officers. It is now open to Singaporeans and Singapore PRs in security-related industries in both the public and private sectors. Singapore University of Social Sciences​ is one of the few universities in the region to provide a university-level education in Security Studies. A unique feature of the Security Studies Minor is that it increases the level of analytical knowledge of global, regional and local security issues. Another unique feature about this Minor is that what is acquired in the University Security Studies classroom today, can be applied immediately at work tomorrow.
The Security Studies Minor prepares our graduates with upper undergraduate level courses on security theory, government, political history, economic security, technology (Cybersecurity), the mind of the terrorist, society and security, and Non-Traditional Security. Students of Security Studies keep in touch with industry changes through site visits and guest lectures. We expect our graduates with a Minor in Security Studies to speak, think and act with confidence in any chosen security career.
From the January 2013 semester onwards, applicants from MHA, Home Team, HomeTeamNS, Singaporeans and Singapore PRs in security-related jobs can select from 6 undergraduate Majors from across 4 Schools. 
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