Graduate Diploma and Master of Gerontology
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 Graduate Diploma and Master of Gerontology

 Graduate Studies

Next Available Intake

 July 2015

Application Closing Date

31 March 2015


Tuition Fee

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(You may apply for the July 2015 intake starting from 15 February 2015.)
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Programme Overview

The rapidly ageing population in Singapore and concomitant need for trained professionals in the health, social and psychological services gives rise to the imperative for a Master of Gerontology programme. As the needs of older persons are specialised, dedicated attention within the training to their characteristics as well as ageing process, demand an interdisciplinary Gerontology programme. UniSIM's Master of Gerontology, with a Graduate Diploma option is the first in Singapore to offer a holistic training for a rewarding career in the eldercare and silver sector. Graduates from the Programme will have acquired advanced knowledge and skills to be leaders and consultants in the field of gerontology. They will be prepared to perform challenging roles and functions in both government and private sectors.​
Unique features of the programme:
  • Enrol for any standalone module of your interest ​
  • Exciting array of modules and range of lecturers from local and overseas contexts​
  • Blend of theoretical and practical teaching modes
  • Flexible enrolment by individual modules for credits
Applicants should be Singapore citizens, permanent residents or residents in Singapore.In addition, you will need to meet these minimum requirements:
  • An undergraduate degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken English)​
  • At least two years of work experience
  • 21 years and above​ 

Applicants must complete and submit an online application to SIM University by the ​specified deadline.

Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo one or more interviews and/or take such written admission or other evaluation tests as may be prescribed by SIM University.

The offer of admission is dependent on the number of places available in individual programmes.

The decision of the Admissions Committee of SIM University is final and binding. SIM University reserves the right to refuse admission and is not obliged to offer an explanation for the non-admission of unsuccessful candidates.
The structure of the programme starts with the compulsory courses and the examination is held three weeks after the last class. This is followed by a one-week break before the next course starts. Elective courses are offered after the compulsory courses are completed.

Courses may also be taken individually as a post graduate certification course.

# Please be informed that there will be a change in schedule from July 2015. Revised schedule will be available by 15 January 2015.​

Course Schedule:
The programme is for professionals in the eldercare industry such as social workers, nurses, occupational and physiotherapists, counsellors and managers. It is also suitable for those who wish to switch careers and enter the eldercare/silver industry.​
​The programme is recognised by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, National Council of Social Service, Ministry of Health, Gerontological Society and Workforce Development Agency. Graduates can apply for positions in government, statutory boards, profit and not-for-profit agencies and eldercare services.​


SIM University offers the following course fee concessions:
  • applicants who are 60 years old and above will enjoy 20% course fee concession.
  • applicants who are graduates (at Master's or Bachelor's level) of the Singapore Institute of Management and SIM University will enjoy 20% course fee concession.
Students will enjoy only one of the two categories of concession. The above concessions are applicable to all programmes offered by SIM University unless specified otherwise. They are not applicable to students under the UniSIM scholarship and sponsorship schemes, as well ascourses offered with external institutions/organisations. Eligible students will enjoy the course fee concession in addition to any government subsidy that they are eligible for. However, the concessions are not to be used concurrently with any other concessions.

Concession for First Two Courses
To encourage further education and upgrading by alumni, UniSIM Alumni (graduates of Bachelor or Master degrees awarded by UniSIM) will also enjoy an additional 30% course fee concession for the first two courses when they enrol for a Master degree programme. The enhanced course fee concession scheme will take effect from the January 2012 semester. The enhance course fee concession scheme is subjected to the following:
  • Alumni must not be receiving any company sponsorships or scholarships.
  • There will be no cap on the number of Master programmes. However, alumni must fulfill all requirements for the conferment of the current Master programme before being eligible for the enhanced course fee concession for the next Master programme.
  • Alumni enrolled into the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) e.g. the Master in Social Work Programme, and who received funding will be eligible for the enhanced concession should they proceed to the Master programme upon completion of the Postgraduate Diploma.
  • Alumni taking vendor and partner programmes will not be eligible for the enhanced course fee conession.
  • Alumni who transfer to another Master programme (TOP) mid way will not enjoy the enhanced course fee concession of 50% again for the Master programme which they are transferring to.


VWO's Charities Capability Fund (VCF) - For Counselling, Social Work and Gerontology programmes only
To apply for VCF Funding, please visit the NCSS website. Applicants from health-related organisations should check with their respective organisations and health clusters for possible sponsorship.

For Gerontology Programme: Interested VWO staff can be advised to apply for VCF under non pre-approval on a case by case basis.​